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Searching for solutions or answers to life’s challenges?

I work as a personal or relationship coach and a  professional counselor  with individuals, families and couples. Counseling services are provided in my Augusta Georgia office as well as coaching by phone or email.  In addition, I may serve as a dream catalyst, motivational speaker, psychotherapist, group or retreat facilitator.    All of these have one common element, helping you to consciously choose to create your best live ever!

Life is a gift full of abundance and grace.  It is ours to choose to create and enjoy!  By being self aware and more mindful in each moment, we become all the wiser about our own true nature.  To know who you are and why you are here now and to live it fully with passion is a life well lived and a journey worth the taking.

My calling, my passion, my mission is to inspire you and to assist you as well as myself  on this journey of consciously creating life with meaning and purpose, fully aligned with the abundance and grace of divine love.

Look around and call or email me with your thoughts or questions. Check our resources and blog  entries and offer your thoughts.

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